Personalidad de los accipíteres

“Los accipíteres son un grupo adaptable de aves cetreras que pueden cazar exitosamente en cualquier lugar. El único inconveniente es que poseen una personalidad que hace muy difícil que esto pueda llevarse a cabo.” Michael Mcdermott 

Os accipiters são um grupo adaptável de aves de falcoaria que podem caçar com sucesso em qualquer lugar. A única desvantagem é que eles têm uma personalidade que dificulta muito isso. 

Photo: Dariosanches: A Rufous-thighed Hawk Accipiter erythronemius. Horto Florestal de São Paulo-SP - Brasil.

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Harris´s Hawk intelligence

“The better Harris´s Hawks “rebound” or resume the chase after missing. Harris´s Hawks rebound more than other species, probably because of their cooperative hunting tactics.“ 🦅

Falcoaria e mundo moderno

É por isso que a falcoaria é tão importante no mundo moderno.

Foto/ Photo: Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax), Captain's Flat, New South Wales, Australia. Author: JJ Harrison

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Aplomado Falcon

Aplomado Falcon (Falco femoralis)

A small falcon, very common in Brazil. It hunts small birds, lizards, insects and rodents. It lives in grassland, savanna, desert, wetlands. It can hunt from a hidden perch or through formidable pursuit flights, which is flying after quarry flushed out. Aplomado in Spanish means lead-colored, which is a bluish-grey color. Aplomado falcons have not only the color similar to steel, as well as strength, durability, malleability and hunting nerves of steel. It´s a very common species used in fauna control in Brazil, it can be purchased from local breeding centers.

Photo: Peter K Burian

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The dangers of hunting squirrels with a Harris Hawk

Jennifer and Tom Coulson in the book “The Harris´s Hawk revolution” say:

“Catching many hundreds of gray squirrels with Harris´s Hawks has forced us to conclude that squirrels are too dangerous a quarry and not worth the risk. We now avoid squirrels with the same seriousness and determination that we would avoid a raccoon because the danger is comparable. We concede that gray squirrel hawking is sporty, and the excitement level of hunting them with a group of Harris’s hawk in deep woods is unbeatable, were not for the injures. (…) Even the most experienced squirrel hawks are almost never careful. (…) While it´s unlikely that the squirrel will kill the hawk, it is possible that a simple bite will put the hawk out of commission for a season or for life. (…) If you hunt squirrels with a Harris’s hawk, you do so without our blessing.” The Harris´s Hawk revolution, pages 308-311.

Photo: A Harris's Hawk Parabuteo unicinctus, seen during a falconry display at Amazon World Zoo, Isle of Wight. Photographer: Ian Parker

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Components of behavior in Birds of Prey I

We start today the series of studies on the components of behavior in Birds of Prey, according to Nick Fox, author of the book “Understanding the Bird of Prey”. Like and follow the page Diário de Falcoaria and follow our daily posts. See also on

Comportamiento de las aves de presa I

Hoy comenzamos la serie de estudios sobre los componentes del comportamiento de las aves de Presa, según Nick Fox, autor del libro Understanding the Bird of Prey. Sigue la página del diario de cetrería y acompaña nuestras publicaciones diarias. Lee también en

Comportamento das aves de rapina - I

Começamos hoje a série de estudos sobre os componentes de comportamento das aves de Rapina, segundo Nick Fox, autor do livro “Understanding the Bird of Prey”. Curta a página do Diário de Falcoaria

Falconry quote 24-06-2019

Falconry: An ancient art that continues to evolve.

Source: Golding, Philip. Falconry & Hawking: The Essential Handbook - Including Equipment, Training and Health . Blep Publishing. Edição do Kindle.

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Personalidad de los accipíteres

“Los accipíteres son un grupo adaptable de aves cetreras que pueden cazar exitosamente en cualquier lugar. El único inconveniente es qu...