Socializing a Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus)

For The Coulsons, the best way to socialize a Harris’s Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) is when it is raised by parents. Harris’s hawks with dual imprint or imprinted in the Crèche-rearing style do not learn to socialize with other hawks properly. The fledglings learn precious lessons from their parents:

- being submissive towards adults, thus learning the hierarchy.

- learning good manners, such as to avoid running into or crowding adults, for example.

Adults teach this by adopting a threatening posture, using the alarm calling, and footing the offspring with an open foot.

The Coulsons have the following primary socialization training goals for the young Harris’s hawks:

1) Imprint on Harris’s hawks and not with humans

2) Be comfortable in the presence of humans without being afraid of them.

3) Learn to be submissive to parents (adults)

4) Learn to get along with siblings (juveniles)

5) Learn what behaviors are likely to start a fight between the hawks, so that they know how to avoid them

6) Learn the boundaries of an individual’s space (related to # 5)

Read more at:

COULSON, Jennifer and Tom. The Harris's Hawk Revolution. Parabuteo Publishing, 2012. Pages 171-175

Photo: Richard Simonsen

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