Components of behavior in Birds of Prey I

We start today the series of studies on the components of behavior in Birds of Prey, according to Nick Fox, author of the book “Understanding the Bird of Prey”. Like and follow the page Diário de Falcoaria and follow our daily posts. See also on


According to Nick Fox, the behavior of a Bird of prey is a product of three components and their interactions:

1) Innate or inherited: virtually unalterable
2) Imprinted on the Bird in early life: largely unalterable thereafter;
3) Learned behavior: can be modified later

Understanding these factors are very important, according to Fox, especially for falconers and who works with rehabilitation, so that they will know what can be done, and what cannot be done. Fox lists the components as follows:

1. Inherited or innate behavior
a) Specific instincts
b) Individual temperament
c) Biological urges and drives
d) Memory

2. Imprinted behavior
a) Imprinting on parents
b) Imprinting on siblings
c) The fear response
d) Imprinting on future sexual partner
e) Imprinting on nest type, site and habitat.

3. Learned behavior

3.1 Involuntary learning
a) habituation
b) classical conditioning
c) operant conditioning
d) association
e) trauma learning

3.2 Voluntary learning
a) insight learning
b) experience

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