The dangers of hunting squirrels with a Harris Hawk

Jennifer and Tom Coulson in the book “The Harris´s Hawk revolution” say:

“Catching many hundreds of gray squirrels with Harris´s Hawks has forced us to conclude that squirrels are too dangerous a quarry and not worth the risk. We now avoid squirrels with the same seriousness and determination that we would avoid a raccoon because the danger is comparable. We concede that gray squirrel hawking is sporty, and the excitement level of hunting them with a group of Harris’s hawk in deep woods is unbeatable, were not for the injures. (…) Even the most experienced squirrel hawks are almost never careful. (…) While it´s unlikely that the squirrel will kill the hawk, it is possible that a simple bite will put the hawk out of commission for a season or for life. (…) If you hunt squirrels with a Harris’s hawk, you do so without our blessing.” The Harris´s Hawk revolution, pages 308-311.

Photo: A Harris's Hawk Parabuteo unicinctus, seen during a falconry display at Amazon World Zoo, Isle of Wight. Photographer: Ian Parker

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